Truth in the Shadow
Episode 2: The White Car

Episode 2: The White Car

October 30, 2021

In this episode we interview POI Dale Golder. We also discuss a well known suspect in the media as well as an introducing a new POI that came onto LE's radar in June of 2021. 

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Special Thanks to D.Woods of VTwin Life Podcast for reading and discussing the 2003 arrest warrant for a McCleary resident now facing trial for a brutal sexual assault. You can find D.Woods podcast anywhere you listen, including Spotify The Vtwin Life | Podcast on Spotify and ‎The Vtwin Life on Apple Podcasts

Episode 1: Mood Disturbed

Episode 1: Mood Disturbed

October 19, 2021

Episode 1 introduces the story of Lindsey Baum. Lindsey was 10 years old when she went missing from the small rural town of McCleary WA on June 26, 2009. Her partial remains were found in September 2017 and revealed through DNA in May 2018, nearly 3 hours away on Manastash Ridge near Ellensburg. 
Her case remains unsolved. 

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